Hi. Thanks for visiting my website.

I'm a Nashville based musician who mainly plays guitar. In addition to creating and performing my own music, I run a recording studio - JML and play with several regional artists, inlcuding:

Jasco - instrumental trio: Django to Jeff Beck, Sabicas to Stevie Ray. 
Blues, jazz, funk, flamenco.

Me and Ms Winehouse - Amy Winehouse tribute act featuring Sophia Grace

Otis Faithful - Blues, blues, blues

LambJam with Allie Lamb


The one advantage of being a relatively unknown artist is that it makes it easy to have a personal connections, where fans become friends. So do reach out to me - here's a link to all my social media platforms. Or send an email and say hello. https://linktr.ee/jascoduende

I'm always looking to contribute and collaborate, so if you think my musical and production stylings can help your musical aspirations, feel free to contact me. And even if I can't help you directly, let me hear some of your music and get to know you. You never know when I might inquire about hiring you for something or refer you to someone looking for your musical skillset.  jascoguitar@gmail.com

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