Otis Faithful

Otis faithful

Bluesy funky soul-sauce

Elevate your musical senses with Otis Faithful - a fusion of bluesy roots and rock vibes. Discover their compelling narrative through each chord, a journey that began in the soulful streets of Memphis.


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Originating in Memphis, Tennessee, Otis Faithful, formed by Kyle Bors-Koefoed in 2012, kicked off its musical journey with a self-titled EP. The band gained traction by performing throughout Tennessee and its neighboring regions, drawing inspiration from the lively ambiance of Beale Street and the delta, shaping their distinct sound.

Relocating to Nashville in 2014, Otis Faithful expanded its presence from local dive bars to becoming a notable name in the city's music scene. With the release of "Otis Faithful: Resurrection (part 1)" in May 2023, the band showcased its blues roots and ventured into rock and roll with tracks like "Devil's Cup" and "Other Side," offering a diverse repertoire that extends beyond the blues to include classic rock, southern rock, country, and pop.

Kyle Bors-Koefoed's experience in various Nashville bands reflects not only skilled musicianship but also a captivating stage presence, making Otis Faithful a compelling musical force shaped by years of accumulated expertise.

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