I've been in love with music and the guitar for as long as I can remember. As was typical for many kids of the 80’s era, I started playing rock on electric guitar. At 17, I discovered classical guitar and began to play as much of that as I was playing electric. Soon thereafter I discovered flamenco and began studying it as well, with one of Colorado's premier guitarists Dave Beegle. Later I also learned from flamenco master Rene Heredia. For several years I played weekly classical and flamenco gigs at local restaurants.

By the time I reached my 20's, rock music had headed in directions that weren’t appealing to me. About that time, I’d began playing in a blues band for the fun of it. Then, the blues bug bit me after going to a Chris Duarte show. In addition to being such an inspirational guitarist, Chris helped me by giving me a guitar lesson whenever he’d come through town.

Shortly thereafter, I formed my first ‘real’ blues band. We went on the road for 12 years, playing over 220 shows per year across the states and several countries in Europe. Highlights included performances at many blues festivals, including repeat performances at the King Biscuit Blues Fest, Dusk Til’ Dawn festival, Wichita blues fest, Tulsa Blues fest, and many others. During this time, I met and got to play with many of my blues idols.

Also, during this time, I began to develop an interest in jazz after hearing recordings of Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery. I’ve played in a couple groups that focused on Django’s Gypsy Jazz genre, and have composed my own music in that style as well.

I’ve also recently taken an interest in fingerstyle playing for the electric guitar, due to the influence of Phil Brown, Wes Montgomery, and Jeff Beck, as well as my flamenco training. For more guitar specific information, click here on Guitarland.

Currently I live in Colorado and divide my time between live gigs, recording, and teaching guitar lessons. 

I play with the band The Symbols.

Occasionally I'll do solo acoustic gigs in classical, flamenco, blues and jazz styles.