The Symbols are a female fronted trio from Fort Collins Colorado. They play original songs that are a culmination of rock, funk, and blues stylings with an overall pop melodic sensibility.

Jasco- lead guitar
Mer Sal- lead vocals/bass
Ikaika Pekelo- drums

The Symbols have released 4 EP length CDs since 2011, and a full length album in 2015 titled SMILE, with legendary status artist Phil Brown as producer. Quite recently, The Symbols have teamed up with Hudson Bloom, a promising young videographer who is embarking in MTV but also a local favorite of Fort Collins band Shatterproof.  

Lead vocalist and bassist Mer Sal has a musical maturity beyond her youth. Her fun onstage persona is backed by emotive vocals and solid bass grooves.  The songs she writes come out often and fast, and are timelessly relevant.

Jasco’s guitar sings with passion or screams with fury as he squeezes drops of soul from bent strings. In addition to rock-blues-funk stylings, Jasco’s musical depth is explored with subtle additions of flamenco, jazz, and classical textures.

Behind the drum kit, Ika brings a wealth of musical experience to The Symbols, with years of touring and studio experience. Ika lives for the groove and plays for the song.

The Symbols play across Colorado and Wyoming, and have traveled to Kansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, and California. Look for The Symbols at a venue near you in the future.

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