The Ray Martin Band - Rockin' Blues and Bluesy Rock

Rockin' the Blues

The Ray Martin Band

The Ray Martin Band is a power house trio that brings energy and excitement that will keep you on your toes, wanting to hear what's going to come next.


Blending a wide variety of influences and styles, The Ray Martin Band brings an eclectic mix of blues and rock based music to the stage. From popular favorites to those forgotten gems that you haven't heard in way too long, The RMB will remind you of why you crave live music. Experienced, passionate players who will keep your audiences coming back.

Ray Martin has been singing and playing bass in bands across his whole life. His love for the blues and excitement for rock pour from the stage while singing both classic covers and vintage vibe originals. Backed by Joey Simonton on drums and vocals and Jasco on electric guitar, The Ray Martin band breathes fresh life into your favorite tunes. 

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