Studio Rates

Audio recording: 

$500 per day (up to 10 hours) engineer included
$65 per hour engineer included

$400 per day with your approved engineer


Price depends on the complexity of the project but typically

Budget mix: $75 per song
Full mix: $250 per song

Video recording: 

Add on to studio audio recording $200/day $25/hour (includes 3 cameras raw footage, plus one camera person)

Video editing: $50/hour

Basic music video, shot, edited, and sync'd to your audio recording: $500


To Book a session, call or email us.

Typically we book sessions 3 months in advance. Shorter sessions can sometimes be booked with less advance notice.

We require 50% deposit to book a session. The balance will be collected upon your arrival at our studio. Please bring payment with you. We accept cash and venmo.

If a label is paying for the recording, please have them contact us to coordinate payment arrangements.

Rehearsal Rates: 

$25 per hour. PA, amps, drums provided. Bring your own instruments and mics.