Welcome to the guitar instructional videos and lessons section. I’m putting these videos and lessons online for free for now. Some of the videos were originally filmed for my son Colorado, who is in first grade. Some were shot for my students at Spotlight. And some were filmed for students at Polaris school. So you may hear me addressing specific people in certain videos. 

I might also include chord diagrams, tablature, standard notation, and/or chord charts for certain lessons.
I don’t have a master plan for a systematic lesson program here, so I’ll just keep organizing things as I put them up. And I’ll try to keep posting new material as my time allows, so keep checking back.
Feel free to share this page with anyone who you think might like it. And if you enjoy any of these lessons, please give my band a listen at www.thesymbolsband.com
For bass instructional material from Mer Sal, click here.



Killing Floor rhythm track

Tore Down rhythm track

Sunshine of Your Love rhythm track

Rhythm track in C major

Listening drill, major, minor, diminished #1

Romance - classical guitar


Robert Johnson style

Charlie Christian solos