Here are some guitar and bass samples you can use for free to use in your beats if you're producing music. All I ask is that you print guitar credits to me (Jasco) where ever you release your music. Plus let me know what you're releasing and I'll help you by promoting it on my social media sites too.

Just email me and I'll send you MP3 or WAV files of any sample below. Put 'sample request' in the email title so I know not to trash it. 

I've just got a few samples up right now, but I'll be adding more on a regular basis. 

But shhhhh... don't tell anyone. Since I'm relatively unknown, these are samples that every other producer won't have. 

I can also record custom guitar/bass samples for you to fit whatever style, tempo, or key you want. Contact me for pricing. (It's cheap)

Acoustic Guitar Samples

Electric Guitar Samples

Bass Samples

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